337Info - Unfair Import Investigations Information System

Section 337 declares the infringement of certain statutory intellectual property rights and other forms of unfair competition in import trade to be unlawful practices. Most Section 337 investigations involve allegations of patent or registered trademark infringement. Other forms of unfair competition, such as misappropriation of trade secrets, trade dress infringement, passing off, false advertising, and violations of the antitrust laws, may also be asserted.

Recent Complaints

Docket Number: 3418

Investigation Number: 3418

Complainant(s): EcoFactor, Inc.

Respondent(s): Alarm.com Holdings, Inc. Alarm.com Incorporated Daikin America, Inc. Daikin Industries, Ltd. Daikin North America LLC Ecobee Ltd. Ecobee, Inc. Google LLC Schneider Electric SE Schneider Electric USA, Inc. Vivant, Inc.

Unfair Act Alleged: Patent Infringement

Date Complaint Filed: 10/22/2019 Date of Institution:

Docket Number: 3416

Investigation Number: 1184

Complainant(s): M-I LLC

Respondent(s): Anping Shengjia Hardware Mesh Co., Ltd. Brightway Solids Co., Ltd. GN Solids America LLC Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd. Hebei Hengying Wire Cloth Co., Ltd. Xi'an Brightway Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.

Unfair Act Alleged: Patent Infringement Trademark Infringement

Date Complaint Filed: 10/18/2019 Date of Institution:

Docket Number: 3414

Investigation Number: 1182

Complainant(s): Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH Erbe USA, Inc.

Respondent(s): KeyMed (Medical & Industrial Equipment) Ltd. Olympus America, Inc. Olympus Bolton Olympus Corporation Olympus Corporation of the Americas Olympus KeyMed Group Limited Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe Olympus Surgical Technologies Europe|Cardiff Olympus Winter & Ibe GmbH

Unfair Act Alleged: Patent Infringement

Date Complaint Filed: 10/07/2019 Date of Institution: 11/08/2019

Docket Number: 3404

Investigation Number: 1178

Complainant(s): GCI Outdoor, Inc.

Respondent(s): Denovo Brands, LLC Fujian Zenithen Consumer Products Co. Ltd. MacSports Inc. Meike (Qingdao) Leisure Products Co., Ltd Westfield Outdoor, Inc. d/b/a Westfield Outdoors Zenithen Hong Kong Ltd. Zenithen USA LLC Zhenli (Zhangzhou) Industrial Co., Ltd.

Unfair Act Alleged:

Date Complaint Filed: 09/30/2019 Date of Institution: 10/04/2019

Docket Number: 3413

Investigation Number: 1181

Complainant(s): LG Chem Michigan Inc. LG Chem, Ltd. Toray Industries, Inc.

Respondent(s): SK Battery America, Inc. SK Innovation Co., Ltd.

Unfair Act Alleged: Patent Infringement

Date Complaint Filed: 09/26/2019 Date of Institution: