337Info - Unfair Import Investigations Information System

Section 337 declares the infringement of certain statutory intellectual property rights and other forms of unfair competition in import trade to be unlawful practices. Most Section 337 investigations involve allegations of patent or registered trademark infringement. Other forms of unfair competition, such as misappropriation of trade secrets, trade dress infringement, passing off, false advertising, and violations of the antitrust laws, may also be asserted.

Recent Complaints

Docket Number: 3574

Investigation Number: 3574



Unfair Act Alleged:

Date Complaint Filed: 11/01/2021 Date of Institution:

Docket Number: 3571

Investigation Number: 1286

Complainant(s): Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited

Respondent(s): A&A Global Imports, Inc. d/b/a Marijuana Packaging Advanced Vapor Devices, LLC AlderEgo Group Limited (“AEG”) Atmos Nation LLC BBTank USA, LLC Best Value Vacs, LLC Blinc Group Holdings, LLC Bold Crafts, Inc. BoldCarts.com Brand King, LLC Bulk Natural, LLC d/b/a True Terpenes BulkCarts.com CLK Global, Inc. Cannary LA Cannary Packaging Inc. Cartridgesforsale.com Customcanabisbranding.com DC Alchemy, LLC Glo Extracts Green Tank Technologies Corp. Greenwave Naturals LLC HW Supply, LLC Hanna Carfield Head Candy Enterprise Ltd. International Vapor Group, LLC Jonathan Ray Carfield d/b/a AlderEgo Wholesale, AlderEgo Holdings, Inc. and AlderEgo Group Limited a/k/a AVID Holdings Limited Next Level Ventures, LLC Obsidian Supply, Inc. Royalsupplywholesale.com The Calico Group Inc. Ygreen Inc. Ygreeninc.com ZTCSMOKE USA Inc. avd710.com dcalchemy.com headcandysmokeshop.com iKrusher.com shopbvv.com

Unfair Act Alleged: Patent Infringement

Date Complaint Filed: 10/04/2021 Date of Institution: 11/10/2021

Docket Number: 3570

Investigation Number: 1285

Complainant(s): Hand Held Products, Inc. d/b/a Honeywell Scanning & Mobility Honeywell International Inc. Metrologic Instruments, Inc. d/b/a Honeywell Scanning & Mobility

Respondent(s): Symbol Technologies, Inc. Zebra Technologies Corporation

Unfair Act Alleged: Patent Infringement

Date Complaint Filed: 09/29/2021 Date of Institution: 11/04/2021

Docket Number: 3566

Investigation Number: 1282

Complainant(s): Holochip Corporation

Respondent(s): Edmund Optics, Inc. Optotune AG

Unfair Act Alleged: Patent Infringement

Date Complaint Filed: 09/27/2021 Date of Institution: 10/28/2021

Docket Number: 3567

Investigation Number: 1283

Complainant(s): Easton Diamond Sports, LLC

Respondent(s): Juno Athletics LLC Monsta Athletics LLC Proton Sports Inc.

Unfair Act Alleged: Patent Infringement

Date Complaint Filed: 09/27/2021 Date of Institution: 11/02/2021