337Info - Unfair Import Investigations Information System

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Section 337 declares the infringement of certain statutory intellectual property rights and other forms of unfair competition in import trade to be unlawful practices. Most Section 337 investigations involve allegations of patent or registered trademark infringement. Other forms of unfair competition, such as misappropriation of trade secrets, trade dress infringement, passing off, false advertising, and violations of the antitrust laws, may also be asserted.

Recent Complaints

Docket Number: 3559

Investigation Number: 3559

Complainant(s): Copan Industries, Inc. Copan Italia S.p.A

Respondent(s): Avrio Genetics LLC dba Bio Testing Supplies BioTeke Corporation (WUXi) Co., Ltd. Cardinal Health, Inc. Cleanmo International (HK) Co., Limited Fosun Pharma USA Inc. HCY USA, LLC Han Chang Medic Huanchenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co. Hunan Runmei Gene Technology Co., Ltd. Innovative Product Brands, Inc. Jiangsu Changfeng Medical Industry Co., Ltd. Ksl Biomedical, Inc. Ksl Biomedical, Inc. Miraclean Technology Co., Ltd. NEST Scientific Inc. NEST Scientific USA No Borders Dental Resources, Inc., dba MediDent Supplies Shenzhen Cleanmo Technology Co., Ltd. Slmp, LLC dba StatLab Medical Products Stellar Scientific, LLC Thomas Scientific, Inc. Thomas Scientific, LLC VWR International, LLC Vectornate Korea Ltd. Vectornate USA, Inc. Wuxi NEST Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Unfair Act Alleged:

Date Complaint Filed: 07/09/2021 Date of Institution:

Docket Number: 3558

Investigation Number: 3558

Complainant(s): Criterion Technology, Inc.

Respondent(s): Fujian Fran Optics Co., Ltd. Velodyne Lidar USA, Inc.

Unfair Act Alleged:

Date Complaint Filed: 07/02/2021 Date of Institution:

Docket Number: 3554

Investigation Number: 3554

Complainant(s): Cercacor Laboratories, Inc. Masimo Corporation

Respondent(s): Apple Inc.

Unfair Act Alleged:

Date Complaint Filed: 06/30/2021 Date of Institution:

Docket Number: 3555

Investigation Number: 3555

Complainant(s): ADT LLC The ADT Security Corporation

Respondent(s): Vivant, Inc.

Unfair Act Alleged:

Date Complaint Filed: 06/30/2021 Date of Institution:

Docket Number: 3553

Investigation Number: 1272

Complainant(s): MediaTek Inc. MediaTek USA Inc.

Respondent(s): Arrow Electronics, Inc. Avnet, Inc. Continental AG Continental Automotive GmbH Continental Automotive Systems, Inc. Mouser Electronics, Inc. NXP Semiconductors N.V. NXP USA, Inc. Robert Bosch GmbH Robert Bosch LLC

Unfair Act Alleged:

Date Complaint Filed: 06/21/2021 Date of Institution: