Summary Investigation Information

Investigation Number: 337-TA-1118

Investigation Type: Violation

Docket Number: 3315

Investigation Status: Pending before the Commission

Title (In the Matter of Certain):

Movable Barrier Operation Systems and Components Thereof

People IconProcedural History

Complaint Filed 06/05/2018

Date of Institution 06/11/2018

Markman Hearing Dates



Evidentiary Hearing Dates

Scheduled Start 06/10/2019

Scheduled End 06/13/2019

Actual Start 06/10/2019

Actual End 06/13/2019

Target Date 11/10/2020

Final ID On Violation

Due Date 11/25/2019

Issue Date 11/25/2019

Non Final (Terminating) ID Issued

Final Determination of
No Violation

Final Determination of Violation

Termination Date


Unfair Act Alleged+

Type Active - Inactive
Patent Infringement 06/06/2018 -

Patent Number(s) +

Number Active - Inactive
6,741,052 06/06/2018 -
7,755,223 06/06/2018 -
8,587,404 06/06/2018 -

HTS Number(s) +

Number Category Basket
83026030 Other
83026090 Other


ID Due Date ID Issued Date
07/10/2020 07/10/2020

People Icon Participant Information

- Active
- Inactive
Complainant Information

Name - City/State/Country Lead Counsel for Service Active Inactive Date
The Chamberlain Group, Inc. - Oak Brook , IL , USA
06/06/2018 -

- Active
- Inactive
Respondent Information

+ Name - City/State/Country Lead Counsel for Service Active Inactive Date
GTO Access Systems, LLC fka Gates That Open, LLC - Tallahassee , FL , USA
Perkins Coie LLP 06/06/2018 -
Nortek Security & Control, LLC fka Linear, LLC - Carlsbad , CA , USA
Perkins Coie LLP 06/06/2018 -
Nortek, Inc. - Providence , RI , USA
Perkins Coie LLP 06/06/2018 -

People Icon Agency Participant Information

Office of Unfair Import Investigations (OUII)

Level of Participation: None

General Counsel (GC)

Megan Valentine
Jean Jackson
Carl Bretscher
Panyin Hughes

Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)

MaryJoan McNamara

- Active
- Inactive

People Icon Associated Litigation

CAFC Appeals

Date Appeal Petition Filed 06/16/2020

Date of ITC Brief 11/25/2020

Date of Oral Argument

Date of Rehearing ITC Brief

Date of Rehearing Oral Argument

Date Mandate Issued

Date Order Remand to ALJ

Date Remand ID Due

Date Remand ID Issued

Date Comm Dec Remand

Case Name:The Chamberlain Group, Inc. v. ITC

Case Number: 20-1965




CAFC Appeal Status:

Type of Rehearing Requested:

Remand to ALJ: No