Summary Investigation Information

Investigation Number: 337-TA-1209

Investigation Type: Enforcement

Docket Number: 3627

Investigation Status: Pending before the Commission

Title (In the Matter of Certain):

Certain Movable Barrier Operator Systems and Components Thereof; Inv. No. 337-TA-1209 (Enforcement)

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Complaint Filed 07/01/2022

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Unfair Act Alleged+

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Patent Infringement 07/01/2022 -

Patent Number(s) +

Number Active - Inactive
7,956,718 07/01/2022 -
8,410,895 07/01/2022 -
9,483,935 07/01/2022 -

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Complainant Information

Name - City/State/Country Lead Counsel for Service Active Inactive Date
GMI Holdings Inc. - Mount Hope , OH , United States of America
07/01/2022 -
Overhead Door Corporation - Lewisville , TX , United States of America
07/01/2022 -

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- Inactive
Respondent Information

+ Name - City/State/Country Lead Counsel for Service Active Inactive Date
The Chamberlain Group, Inc. - Oak Brook , IL , United States of America
07/01/2022 -
Disposition, Date Disposition by Unfair Acts, Date Remedial Orders Issued, Issue Date, Status, Change Date
02/09/2022 Patent Infringement 02/09/2022 Limited Exclusion Order 02/09/2022 Modified 03/30/2022
02/09/2022 Patent Infringement 02/09/2022 Cease & Desist Order 02/09/2022 Modified 03/30/2022
Customs Enforcement Desc Forum Receipt Customs Letter Seizure Forfeiture Order Documents

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Office of Unfair Import Investigations (OUII)

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General Counsel (GC)

megan valentine
Houda Morad

Administrative Law Judge (ALJ)

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