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Results found 9 for Criteria: " dateOfPublicationFrNotice:[2020-02-29 TO 2020-05-29] "

Title (In the Matter of Certain): Inv. No. Inv.Type ALJ Assigned Date of Institution
Electronic Devices, Including Streaming Players, Televisions, Set Top Boxes, Remote Controllers, and Components Thereof
1200 Violation Cameron Elliot 05/22/2020
Tobacco Heating Articles and Components Thereof
1199 Violation Clark Cheney 05/15/2020
Spa Pumps, Jet Pump Housing, Motors, Components Thereof, and Products Containing Same
1198 Violation MaryJoan McNamara 05/11/2020
Portable Gaming Console Systems with Attachable Handheld Controllers and Components Thereof II
1197 Violation David Shaw 05/04/2020
In the Matter of Certain In Vitro Fertilization Products, Components Thereof, and Products Containing The Same
1196 Violation Charles Bullock 04/16/2020
Electronic Candle Products and Components Thereof
1195 Violation Sandra Lord 04/06/2020
High-Density Fiber Optic Equipment and Components Thereof
1194 Violation David Shaw 03/24/2020
Capacitive Touch-Controlled Mobile Devices, Computer, and Components Thereof
1193 Violation Cameron Elliot 03/20/2020
Nicotine Pouches and Components Thereof and Methods of Making the Same
1192 Violation Clark Cheney 03/12/2020